Comparison Kills: Comparing our lives to others' is a great plan if we want to be miserable. Many Biblical examples remind us that no one's life is perfect. These reminders should spur us to break the comparison habit. 

You matter: Where is God when I don't feel Him? Does He still love me when I've messed up? As we dive into Scripture we'll find He's crazy about us. 

Christ is Enough: Are you haunted by the shame of past sins? Shame was holding me prisoner, too, until I realized Christ is enough to move from shame and guilt to freedom. 

If I could just be a Better Butcher!: Maybe you, like me, know exactly what you could do to live a healthier, more godly life. That doesn't mean it's easy to do. Somehow we need to encourage earth other to cut out the things that bog us down so we can live a more fruitful life. 

Christians and corona: You've been hearing lots about it. What's prudent and what's fear? Let's pray to be like the men from Issachar, who understood the times and knew what to do.

Corona/Change of Plans: We are experiencing unparalleled change. What can we learn from this upheaval, and what can we do in the waiting? 

First things first: What if making a few slight changes in the morning could change your attitude for the whole day? Hear some helpful tips for bringing God into your day first thing. 

Because I said so: Do I really have to obey the rules if the rules don't make sense to me? Listen to hear why we should obey, even and especially when we don't understand.

Bird's Eye View: When we're in tough situations it's easy to get bogged down by circumstances. Something as simple as switching perspective can change everything. 

Let God handle it: Do you entertain thoughts of revenge on those who have harmed you? Who hasn't? God tells us to leave that to him and instead to focus on forgiveness and love. 

Lavish Love: How do you forgive the people who have hurt you deeply? Explore these three practical steps that can help you on your journey to forgive and get past the hurt. 

So not fair: Have you ever looked at someone else's life and thought, "Not fair! Whey do they get such and such and I don't?" Sometimes we forget God blesses each of us differently because we all have a different role in God's kingdom. 

Instead of focusing on a to-do list, I came up with a list of things I've stopped doing or want to stop doing. The things on my list may be very different than what you might put on your list. The important thing is to examine your life and see if there's something you'd be better off without. 

An Honest Prayer: Are you struggling, worrying, stressing? We'll look to Scripture to see God faithfully meeting his people in their fear and frustration in this special Easter edition of "Little Things."

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