Amber Albee Swenson

I am awed by God's wisdom and desire to grow me, and continually stretched by His calling in my life.  

Even though I'm a creative writing/lit major and have wanted to write since tenth grade, I'm amazed (and blown away by God's grace) that I have authored four full-length books and two mini-books. “Bible Moms” (Twelve Bible studies for mothers) and “The Whisper Theory”  have been out for several years. 2016 brought "The Bread of Angels" and "Ladies of Legacy." Fall 2018 brought "Borderline" into print. March 2019 "Chosen for More" debuted. In January 2020 another of my projects, a book for NPH, will be out. 

I write devotional blogs for Time of Grace and speak to women with the intent of bringing the bible to life in tangible, applicable ways. 

The biggest slice of my life is as mom to my four children (19, 17, 14, 11) and wife to my hilarious and heroic but imperfect husband. I consistently fight the temptation to binge watch the latest BBC series my husband and I fall in love with. 

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