Amber Albee Swenson

     In a world spinning frantically out-of-control, Christians and non-Christians alike tend to be overwhelmed, hurting, and often without clear direction. 

     Jesus said Christians are the light and salt of the earth. We are to be leading the way, showing our unbelieving neighbors a glimmer of who Jesus was. We can't do that if we aren't walking with Jesus.

     If we aren't firmly grounded in the Word we're prone to deception. We'll listen to the good looking, charismatic people who use Christian sounding words that tell us what we want to hear. We'll determine grace is good enough and godly living is more work than we're willing to give. We'll get sucked into the latest books, movies, popular talk shows and listen to whoever has a hit on the radio. 

    I get it. The plots and humor and beats mesmerize me, too.

    So in a world of lots of voices, I've added mine. I am not brilliant or beautiful or above average. But I'm in love with Jesus, and on occasion my words fit together in a decent way. So if I have something useful to you, fantastic. And if not, you'll find another voice. 

     In truth, I hope my voice is merely a path that leads you to Jesus. He's the one we all need to follow. 


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