Bible Moms: Life Lessons from Mothers in the Bible

"Bible Moms: Life Lessons from Mothers in the Bible" is a book of twelve Bible studies probing the heart of God on what it means to be the kind of mother God calls us to be. It's about examining our hearts, confronting our sin, finding the truth of scripture and applying it. Studies look at the lives of Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah, Jochebed, Manoah's wife, Hannah, Rizpah, The Sidonian widow and the Shunammite woman, Elizabeth, Mary and Salome.


This study will challenge your women's Bible study or mom's group in a non-threatening way. Dig into the Word and get to know the moms in the Bible a bit better. You may find you have quite a bit in common with many of them! 


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The videos below serve as introductions to the chapters! God bless your study!

Intro to Eve
Intro to Rebekah
Intro to Jochebed
Intro to Hannah
The Sidonian and Shunnamite
Intro to Sarah
Intro to Rachel and Leah
Intro to Manoah's wife
Intro to Rizpah
Intro to Elizabeth

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