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God's Word keeps us grounded during the storms, and offers the hope and comfort we need. But sometimes we need a tool, something to get us started, to point us in the right direction.

NPH just released a resource to help women get in the Word. In God's Orchard: Cultivating the Fruit of a Spirit-Filled Life is a practical tool to turn your heart from worry, fear, and frustration to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Certainly you can do this study alone, but if you've been in a Bible study with other women, you know the benefit. We sharpen one another, encourage one another, pray for each other, laugh together.

So if you are craving that sort of study, consider starting a study with your friends. Create an account through to have telephone studies (link here:…) or if you prefer to see each other, set up video conferencing here: Invite a neighbor to join, or a long-distance friend you haven't seen in a while.

If you think a telephone study wouldn't offer much, let me meet that argument with personal testimony. I joined a Bible study via phone a few months back and it's been the highlight of my week ever since. I was invited to study with mostly strangers, and now I feel a connection to women across the country I've never met in person.

 Time of Grace Books

Five everyday people.  One powerful God.  This book reviews the ordinary lives of five people in the Bible who shared one common trait.  They dared to come as they were for the God they served.  Ad as they did, they changed the world around them.

Just as it was then, so it is today.  Chosen for More contains truths that will captivate you by reminding you that in our everyday lives, God uses everyday people in powerful ways.  You.  Us.  Just as we are.  We, who've been chosen as children of the King, have all the traits we need to fulfill the call that he has for our lives.

Borderline gives you an inside look into seven "little" deadly sins that have become increasingly acceptable in a changing world—and equally in the church today!  Whether it's referring to pride, envy, sloth, gluttony, coveting, anger, or lust, Borderline is a warmly conversational, yet thought-provoking read, that reminds us as believers how today's culture can influence us too.  For whether we see some sins as small and others more significant, it's all about a question of compromise that so easily becomes borderline stuff between God's values and society's today.

This new book will both inspire and perhaps even reset your views.  And it'll remind you all over again of the power of God's unconditional love and grace to help guide you through—without question.

My part of this TOG video starts at 2.33!

Learn, Grow, Produce Fruit

The Holy Spirit works when we get in the Word. Don't miss this opportunity for him to teach you, soften your heart and lead you to a more abundant life in Christ. 

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