First things first: What if making a few slight changes in the morning could change your attitude for the whole day? Hear some helpful tips for bringing God into your day first thing. 

Because I said so: Do I really have to obey the rules if the rules don't make sense to me? Listen to hear why we should obey, even and especially when we don't understand.

Bird's Eye View: When we're in tough situations it's easy to get bogged down by circumstances. Something as simple as switching perspective can change everything. 

Let God handle it: Do you entertain thoughts of revenge on those who have harmed you? Who hasn't? God tells us to leave that to him and instead to focus on forgiveness and love. 

Comparison Kills: Comparing our lives to others' is a great plan if we want to be miserable. Many Biblical examples remind us that no one's life is perfect. These reminders should spur us to break the comparison habit. 

Christ is Enough: Are you haunted by the shame of past sins? Shame was holding me prisoner, too, until I realized Christ is enough to move from shame and guilt to freedom. 

You Matter: Where is God when I don't feel Him? Does He still love me when I've messed up? As we dive into Scripture we'll find He's crazy about us. 

Lavish Love: How do you forgive the people who have hurt you deeply? Explore these three practical steps that can help you on your journey to forgive and get past the hurt. 

If I Could Just be a Better Butcher: Maybe you, like me, know exactly what you could do to live a healthier, more godly life. That doesn't mean it's easy to do. Somehow we need to encourage earth other to cut out the things that bog us down so we can live a more fruitful life. 

My Stop Doing list: Instead of focusing on a to-do list, I came up with a list of things I've stopped doing or want to stop doing. The things on my list may be very different than what you might put on your list. The important thing is to examine your life and see if there's something you'd be better off without. 

Arrogance, Stewardship and my Place in the World: You don't want to "toot your own horn." Does that mean you stay quiet when you know you're qualified to do something? No! Rise up and use everything you have in God's kingdom for his glory.

Amazing Grace: Happy Mother's Day to moms and anyone helping to raise the next generation. If you are exhausted or wondering if it's all worth it, let me encourage you to stay the course, because you are fighting a noble battle!

Forget Perfection: When Jesus said, "Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect," he showed us a standard that would only be attainable for Christ. The Bible graciously shows how God used very imperfect people to do his work. That means there's a place for all of us, struggles and all, in the kingdom. 

No Such Thing as a Little Lie: Is it OK to lie a little or bend the truth? Or what about withholding information? Is it OK to do that? How should God's people deal with honesty? We'll explore that subject in this podcast. 

The Cover Up: When someone confronts you with a sin, are you prone to covering it up or repenting? By nature we tend to want to keep our shortcomings a secret. God would have us turn from our sin. Hear how to do it in this episode.

The Best Revenge: What can we do to inflict revenge on those who have harmed us? I'll tell you! And don't worry—it’s Biblical!

So Not Fair: Have you ever looked at someone else's life and thought, "Not fair! Whey do they get such and such and I don't?" Sometimes we forget God blesses each of us differently because we all have a different role in God's kingdom. 

Corona/Change of Plans: We are experiencing unparalleled change. What can we learn from this upheaval, and what can we do in the waiting? 

Long-Term Plans: It can be so easy to get caught up in the here and now. As people of God, we often have to forsake worldly pleasures in order to pursue the treasure that truly matters.

Hey! I'm not OK!: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Are you in a dark season, hanging by a thread? We all have those seasons of life. Suicide among teens and young adults is at a crisis point. What can we do to prevent this? In this special episode with fellow Time of Grace blogger and writer Linda Buxa, we discuss this important topic. 

Get in God's Face: Do you pray aggressively? Do you even know what that means? I didn't! But now that I do, it will change the way I pray.

Lend a Hand: It's an easy thing to get annoyed with people who always want something from you. Scripture asks us to consider it a privilege and a responsibility to help the weak. Instead of being annoyed, let's try to lovingly encourage one another and build each other up.

Theory vs. Reality: Are you a planner or do you tend to fly by the seat of your pants? What would God have us do? Let's look through Scripture to get a grasp on how we can best live to bring glory to God. 

Our coping Toolbox: What coping tools do you have for when the worse hits you? For the Christian, we need to fill our coping toolboxes with some important truths from God's Word; truths like: God heals, sometimes we have to wait, and God is our rest.

Christians and corona: You've been hearing lots about it. What's prudent and what's fear? Let's pray to be like the men from Issachar, who understood the times and knew what to do.

An Honest Prayer: Are you struggling, worrying, stressing? We'll look to Scripture to see God faithfully meeting his people in their fear and frustration in this special Easter edition of "Little Things."

There's Only One You: It's easy to fall into wishing your spouse was more like you or one of your children was like the others. What a mistake! God didn't create us all to have the same character traits or for the same role. Instead of wishing we were like someone else, or another member of our family was like us, we need to embrace our uniqueness. God made us different for a reason, and we can be so happy he did! 

Hey! I'm Not OK Part 2: In this episode, Amber and Linda Buxa continue their discussion of mental wellness with practical things we can do to get and stay mentally healthy.

He Matters: On Father's Day we'll take a look at the importance of taking fatherhood seriously. A Christian father impacts not only his family, but society in all the best ways.

You can take the people out of Egypt, but you can't take Egypt out of the people: As I read through the Bible, I see how the people of Israel so easily fell into idolatry. Unfortunately, I think we do too. We don't worship calves or goats. We worship entertainment, worldly philosophy, money, power, and fame. How do we counter the pull of the world?

Don't Give Up: In this episode I talk about the three things that have helped me cope when the struggle was real. If you're in a season of struggle, I pray this will bless and comfort you.

Running Scared: Too often God's people run around scared because of the circumstances in their life. God's word gives us so many examples of why we don't need to be afraid. We can rest in God, whatever comes our way.

The Habits that Make Us: Habits can make or break us. Good habits can put us on the path of excellence and integrity while bad habits can shipwreck our good intentions. This is a great time to consider our habits and change the ones that aren't in line with where we want to be.

Avoiding a Critical Error: Have you found yourself becoming increasingly critical about someone or something? Your critical spirit may be hijacking your good intentions. We'll examine criticism today and find out how best to deliver it.

Why Jesus?: Are you on the fence about Christianity, struggling to believe? Let me give you three reasons why Jesus is not only a good choice but the only choice.

Don't Fret the Inbetween: Sometimes we try to wish away the awkward and frustrating phases of life. Far better to learn through them. Every season has lessons for us to learn and reasons to give thanks.

Learning to Be Grateful: How do we make giving thanks a lifestyle and not just a once-a-year event? We'll explore why it's important and steps we can do to make it happen.

Slow Down: Have you ever wondered if you're missing anything with your frantic pace of life? Here we'll examine three important things we may be sacrificing if we're not slowing down long enough to appreciate them.

Waiting to Be Rescued: If you have been crying out to God and not seeing results, this episode is for you. How do you continue to have hope when you aren't seeing change, and what should you do?

Submit Like This: In this episode we explore the Biblical concept of a wife submitting to her husband. What does it mean? What doesn't it mean? And what can we do to make it easier?

What do you do with your regrets? In this episode with fellow Time of Grace blogger and writer Linda Buxa, we talk about healthy ways to deal with choices we wish we wouldn't have made.

Shake Away Lazy: 

It's easy to become spiritually lazy. Here's why we might want to jump-start our spiritual lives and ways to do it!

Serve Anyway: What do we do when we're not happy with our elected officials? What if we don't like our choices of who to vote for? God gives us plenty of guidance in Scripture to guide and encourage us.

Never Alone: It's so easy to feel alone. God made sure in his Word to tell us that just isn't the case. Even when we have to go into situations by ourselves, we can be sure God is right there with us.

Something to Give: Kindness is a gift that anyone of any social standing is in a position to give. Kindness has the power to heal, transform relationships, and mend broken hearts.

Celebrate Beginnings: No matter how new you are to making a positive change, if you're going into the new year with a desire to walk more closely to the Lord, get your pet sins in check and/or pursue a healthy lifestyle. Then there's reason for celebration.

Becoming a Human Being: 

So many of us are good at doing. We're not always so good at being, especially when it comes to being present in our relationship with God. Perhaps it's time to consider what needs to come out of our schedule to make room for God.

Inadequate No More: What are the things that make you feel inadequate? Is it your appearance, performance, not being in the right group or having the right things? Let's take a look at these things from God's perspective.

Satan loves to invade our thoughts with lies. It's important to recognize the dialogue that comes from him so we can combat it with the truth of Scripture.

Why Try?: Are you ready to give up? Every now and then I am. Here are three reasons we need to continue pressing on even when it's the hardest thing to do.

Attainable Joy: Are you more grumpy than joy-filled? Find out little things, and not so little things, you can do to change your perspective.

Emmanuel: What can we learn from 2020 and what does Jesus coming to earth have to do with it? It makes all the difference in the world!

Follow God Not Your Dreams: Are you slaying your goals or about to give up? If things aren't working out the way you hoped, maybe it's time to change the goals or the way you work in God's kingdom.

Make It Happen: What's keeping you from your someday dreams? Try looking at these common obstacles and how you can overcome them to make your somedays a reality.

Take a Heart Check: As you pursue your dreams and goals, here are three important things to keep in mind.

Learning to Adjust: What do you do when the rug is swept out from beneath you, when you're stumbling and trying to regain your footing? This episode offers three biblical tips for adjusting to the unplanned events in life.

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