• Amber Albee Swenson

You can change the world

If you are anything like me, you often wonder if what you do matters. Day in and day out you try to make a difference, but mostly you are just a normal, ordinary person going to work, taking care of a family, or trying to get by. Here's how you make a difference. When you take care of your family, you are building a stronger society. When you take the time to teach your children or grandchildren about things like responsibility, treating people with love and respect, and obeying the rules, you are forming a future leader, or at least a person who will benefit the community. Providing for your family means more resources for those who truly are in need. When you are the employee the employer knows will show up, do your job without causing problems or complaints, you make your employer's life easier. They go about their day without worry. Being a dependable employee makes a difference to them and to the people you work with and for. When you take the time to pray, you may be changing the course of history. Joshua prayed and the sun stood still. The Israelites continued to fight and defeated their enemies. Hezekiah prayed and he was healed. The nation continued to be blessed with his leadership. Esther prayed and changed the king's heart. Her people were spared. Praying to be God's instruments shining the light of His love to others will open opportunities to encourage others and show them their hope is in Christ. Praying for our leaders to have wisdom, and our pastors to proclaim God's love clearly and courageously may mean a peaceful nation, and a church where God's Word flourishes. Even when you are incapacitated in every other way, you can make a difference by not complaining, or with the smile you offer to others who are trying to help you. When we live as the light, the little things we do matter.

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