• Amber Albee Sweson

I can't do this, but You can

6:00 AM The alarm goes off. My husband pushes snooze. I get up, knowing his wrinkled uniform is stuffed in a laundry basket somewhere. Better get the iron, and his breakfast. 6:45 AM My husband can not find his badge, the one that gets him into the parking ramp and gives him access to his patients' medications. He remembers he used it Friday while getting the discount tickets to the Mall of America. It must be in my bag. Off I go to find it. 7:00 AM I get on the computer. Yesterday's failed attempt at recovering the pictures he accidentally deleted is today's challenge. Dig through files to find camera manual. Searching for software disk to install camera we've had since 2006. 7:10 AM First several attempts fail. Several cryptic messages...this program cannot read files, etc. 7:20 AM Youngest child emerges from bedroom, goes to hall closet, digs out goggles and comes to me with swim bag, swim suit and goggles. She's ready for her swimming lessons which start at 4 PM. I talk her into breakfast. 7:30 AM While looking for the software to install my camera onto my computer I find a dozen outdated things. Decide to clean cupboard, and basket with CD's. 7:45 AM May have found a program that can read the files on my camera but it is going to take a very long time. 8:00 AM Smallest child crying. Wants to go to swim lessons. 8:30 AM Awake oldest. Remind her it is first day of running camp. The challenge of going and being with all strangers is a bigger challenge than she's ready for. She decides to skip. 8:45 AM Another child emerges and asks if swimming lessons start today. I nod. She replies, "I hate swimming lessons!" This is summer at my house. Every hour offers a new challenge, and some hours offer many challenges. I wouldn't want to try to get through this alone, because quite honestly, I'm not up for it. Thankfully God meets me in every whispered prayer. Help us to find the badge, Lord, and He did. Help me to figure this camera out, Lord. He is. Give this child courage, this child patience, help this child to like swimming more than she thinks she will. Be with my husband at work. Protect him and use him so he is a blessing to others. Give me strength, patience, and an unending supply of love. And if I may be so bold, I would like a nap, too.

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