• Amber Albee Swenson

For Such a Time As This

For thirteen years I was blessed to be able to stay home with my children. Last March, with my youngest child in all day kindergarten, and an act of God bringing all the circumstances together perfectly, I started working as an elderly companion to a retired pastor. Within a month of working for him, I acquired another client. As the months have passed I've been able to add more hours. These days are a little less stressful when it comes time to pay the bills, and the things we were letting slide due to lack of funds are finally getting done. I understand, though, that my clients (which are no longer clients, but beloved friends) are 86 and 93 years old, and when God calls my clients home my jobs are over. Early on I felt prompted to be wise with this extra because God was providing it for a season so that we might "catch up". Life before I went back to work entailed trusting God to meet our needs and time after time, too numerous to recount, God met our needs not meagerly but abundantly. (I once signed my daughter up for swimming lessons only to realize she didn't have a swimming suit. That same day my husband brought a box of clothes home from a co-worker and there were three swimming suits in the box, all my daughter's size.) There was a richness to our family life before I went back to work, too. I didn't always appreciate the gift it was to be home for the phone calls from a sick child, or to chaperone for field trips and bring my kids to school if they were running a little late, all things I am no longer able to do, things that I miss and on occasion lament until I remember that right now I'm where God wants me to be for such a time as this. Now God is giving me a richness outside of my family life in the friendships I have formed with people in their last phases of life and their family members; the looks, the smiles, the expressions, time spent in the Word, precious time pouring over God's promises, the smile on the retired pastor's face that didn't leave the entire time I read the resurrection account. My point is simple. When you are walking with God, believing and trusting His Word and promises and praying for Him to direct your life, you are not where you are by accident. Today there is a reason you are here, and tomorrow you may be somewhere entirely different. The needs and struggles you have now could end at any time, but there will be different struggles, different needs, and thankfully the same God who is ready and able to meet them in His time and perfect way. The blessings of this phase of your life may end today, but there will be different blessings tomorrow. Our family prays each night for grateful hearts so that we see the good God is working in our life, so that we might be content, knowing God has us here for a time, and just a time; a time such as this.

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