• Amber Albee Swenson

Minute by Minute and breath by breath God will pull you through

No one can prepare you for certain stages of life: marriage, having a child, becoming a caretaker, being a widow.

After watching a few of my very good friends endure earthly tragedies, I started praying God would prepare me for whatever was ahead.

I presently am in a couple difficult situations. God is teaching me to persevere, to serve quietly and to depend on Him. I'm sure these qualities will serve me well in the days ahead. What that will look like is a mystery for now.

In the Old Testament God often reminds His people of His past faithfulness. He is annoyed when His people forget that He is the God who brought them out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea and provided food and water in the desert time and again.

God has met us in all the storms in the past, too--providing strength and wisdom to get through each thing. Because of that, we can be sure He will get us through the present and the future storms, too. It isn't always easy or pretty, but He's there.

Years ago I heard a guest on a Christian radio program advise to lean into the pain; not to avoid it or run from it, but to acknowledge it. I tell the Lord all the time, "This hurts. I need you." Or, "Lord, I'm going to need Your strength. I can't do this on my own." He has been so faithful in those times.

God promised to supply our daily bread--not weekly, monthly or yearly bread, but daily bread. He gives us what we need each day...sometimes one breath at a time. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we crawl, and sometimes like Elijah under the broom tree and Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, we just fall down and remind God it's too much, far too much, for us in our humanity.

And remember how God sent angels to Elijah and Jesus to give them the strength to get up and walk?

He will meet you, too, and when He does, you will have another story of God's faithfulness to use to encourage others.

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