• Amber Albee Swenson

Chasing Quiet in a Noisy World

Mistake #1: I crawled into bed, dead tired. My Bible was on the bed next to me. It's a simple formula. Read the Bible, pray, fall asleep. I had plenty on my mind; more than enough to pray about. But instead, I picked up my phone and hit the Facebook tab.

Mistake #2: The ad. The headline screamed for my attention: Famous Youtuber dead. Click.

Mistake #3: I followed the rabbit hole. The tabloid story offered so little, so I went to Youtube and typed in the name.

Mistake #4: Why do people watch this? Really 2.1 M views. I click on another video. And another.

Mistake #5: It's 3 AM and my mind is whirling. Why are so many set on watching someone else's life?

I dare myself to unplug. Could I do it for a week, 30 days? What about __________?

I weigh the angles. What would I lose? What would I gain?

What do I want, really want?


What does that mean and how do I get there?

It's time to find out.

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