The Bread of Angels  

Meghan Martins walked into the cosmetology school and straight into the path of Becky Ellingson, her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Twenty minutes later Meghan raced out of Hair Nation with half her head highlighted and the reality that her husband was not who she thought he was. He had a son, a bank account, and jobs to provide child support which she knew nothing about.   


Meghan thought she’d find clarity by running away, but she found the truth to be far more distorted than she imagined. Everyone was hiding something. And everyone, it seemed, was struggling to maintain the notion that they were somehow better than someone else.


It would take counseling, a good Bible study and a whole lot of tea to get Meghan Martins and her husband Ben back on the same page. Meghan would come to realize she was hiding just as much and was just as capable of creating damage as her husband.


Tragedy, controversy and a new understanding of the human condition await Meghan in the tiny town of Oronoco, MN, but so do adventure, hope and witty friends who bring meaning back to her life.

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