The Whisper Theory

Are you looking for something for your teen; something that doesn't avoid the challenges of being a teen, but confronts them head on with a Biblical view, and is entertaining, too? 


The Whisper Theory is a riveting coming-of-age novel of romance and suspense with a Bible study for each chapter (found in the back of the book) to address the issues the characters are dealing with. This book is meant to equip teens to deal with what's going on in their lives in a God-pleasing way, now and in the years to come. Topics of study include: Living a lie or living in the truth, How can I be a good friend, Humility, Forgiving, Where do you turn when it all falls apart, Guilt, Consecration and many more! 


Meghan Shanahan is condfident in her Christianity, if not a bit self-righteous. When she moves in with Jeff and Carol, her two unbelieving college roommates, she begins to unravel.


Meghan thought she could save Jeff, but in the first three months of college, she's breaking more rules than she's keeping. Even worse, she finds herself falling in love with Jeff.


When a young woman in their apartment building is murdered, everything starts changing. Through heartache and despair, tragedy and suspense, Meghan learns what friendship is all about, and more importantly, she discovers the voice she's going to follow.

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